Lab Testing

Over the years, the drug testing industry has encountered some hiccups, in terms of the authenticity of urine samples. Joint smokers have found ways in which they can effectively pass either the employee drug test, or for applicant for job interview, the applicant drug test. This means of passing the drug tests, has, over the years, developed an underground market. In this market, people have developed products that can fake human urine, and these urine samples can pass as human samples. 

The quick fix synthetic urine producers, through extensive laboratory research, have found ways of producing urine, not from the human body, but can pass as quality human urine. They are giving the assurance that the urine is fresh, toxic free, cleaner. It is balanced in Creatine, specific gravity, pH and other pertinent features like, urea, which is prevalent in urine.

The makers of this product has also made provision for both gender. So there is a synthetic urine for both male and female. This essential quality is what makes the synthetic urine stand out from other fake urine products.

To make the synthetic urine ready for use, you microwave the urine pack for about 10, at 90 – 100 degree, and you’re good to go. There are plenty more website resources out there to help you out with the instructions that you will need to make sure you don’t fail. You may just have to do some digging or long hours of research.

The quick synthetic urine producers, have produced three new product, perfect for testing and faking urine samples. These products also clears the body of any toxic available in the body. This home test comes with 2 ten panels. The reason for the

2 sets of ten panels, is so you can have a negative test you can compare your sample to. It also has a 3oz control sample which produces a negative test you can compare to.