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      Common problems with label labeling machines

      Time: 2019-06-11 21:24:15

      The label labeling machine is a device for attaching paper or metal foil labels to a prescribed packaging container with an adhesive. The label labeling machine is a component of modern packaging that is not short. Generally, we use the label labeling machine. First of all, I will encounter the following common problems: Let me explain them for you one by one.

          1, the bottle screw is dislocated

          Use a wrench to loosen the fastening bolts, adjust the rotation screw to the azimuth, first tighten a bolt, jog the operation to investigate, and tighten the other bolts after the orientation is appropriate.

          2, in and out of the bottle star wheel misplacement

          Loosen the bolts of the star wheel and adjust it to the bearing. If necessary, loosen the bolt at the bottom of the star wheel.

          3, the hub clip label refers to loose

          When the single clamp is loose, loosen the fastening screw and push the clamp paper to the appropriate orientation to tighten the screw; when the clamp is loose, loosen the bolt of the clamp shaft and roll the hub to the appropriate orientation. Push the clip to the inside to the orientation and tighten the bolt.

          4, the hub clamp label refers to not taking the standard

          The hub spring is broken and replaced; the spring force of the tension spring is invalid and can be replaced.

          5, labeling paper skew

          Adjust the unevenness of the label box according to the orientation of the label on the target.

          6, labeling paper folds, uneven

          Adjust the thickness of the film on the rubber roller; adjust the orientation of the brush.

          7, labeling paper warp angle, flash edge

          The target plate is not evenly glued, adjust the orientation of the target plate to make it evenly glued; adjust the orientation of the standard brush.

          8, the target residue mark paper

          The label is loose, and the orientation of the label is adjusted; if the viscosity is too large, the glue temperature is adjusted; the glue on the left side of the label causes the label to be lifted and the orientation of the target is adjusted.

          9. When the top label is in operation, the bottle is in operation.

          Check whether the orientation of the pressure head is suitable and adjust its orientation; check whether the ball in the pressure bottle head is missing, which makes the bottle rotation inflexible and replace it; check whether the back plate of the bottle at the transfer hub is in place, adjust it. .

          10. When the top mark is attached, the top corner and the body mark are not centered.

          Adjust the hub with the handwheel to roll it back and forth, adjust to the appropriate orientation; adjust the angle between the top mark and the body mark.

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