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      The five major innovations of the 21st century automatic board machine lead the industry transformat

      Time: 2020-01-09 12:13:23

      Since the beginning of the 21st century, the rapid development of the computer-equipped automatic equipment industry has continuously promoted the pace of social progress; technology has made our lives more and more convenient, and the automatic board-splitting machine plays an important role in the machinery manufacturing industry. There is competitive pressure in any industry. China is also a big manufacturing country in the world, and there is a lot of competitive pressure in the world. Therefore, innovation is particularly important.

      In the case that the demand for various types of automatic equipment in China shows a blowout situation, the industry is large but not strong. There are many small and medium-sized automatic sorting machine equipment enterprises, and there are many testers with speculative nature, and few solid input workers. Imitate the public in technology development, and break through the innovators. In promoting the development of the automatic sorting machine equipment industry, we must focus on breakthrough technology, property rights protection, technological innovation, and avoid the old road of overcapacity.

      The first is business model innovation. The production mode has been derived from a small variety and large batches in the past, and has been derived from multiple varieties and small batches. The large-scale production has been transformed into flexible, socialized and networked production. Customized personality is justified, modern logistics, e-commerce, internet finance and other business forms. Flourish.

      The second is technological innovation. The key to innovation is the smooth transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and the close integration of science and technology with economic development. China's scientific and technological innovation has made great progress, but the rate of scientific and technological conversion and the contribution rate of science and technology are still not high. The number of patents is quite large, but the proportion of invention patents is so low that about half of the key technologies and core technologies are subject to people. Scientific and technological innovation should emphasize independent innovation, introduction, digestion, absorption and innovation. Will not close the door, exclude international advanced technology and management, but after a certain foundation, we must pay more attention to independent innovation.

      The third is product and service innovation. The purpose of economic development is to meet people's growing demand for products and services. The variety and quality of automatic locking screw machine products and services have condensed the results of technology and management, and can also create consumption to stimulate consumption and promote economic growth.

      The fourth is management innovation. Enterprise management pays attention to scientific management, modern management, information management, and management cover the whole process. The establishment of a modern enterprise system is a fundamental institutional arrangement.

      The fifth is industrial innovation. From the factory to the company, from the corporate law to the company law, from the corporate function department to the business department, the scientific, modern, and networked organizational innovations are changing with each passing day. The industry chain has been continuously improved, and new models in the Internet era have emerged one after another.

      Of course there are still many unknown innovations waiting for you to dig deeper. The development of the industry requires us to constantly work hard. Only by continuous development can we keep up with the pace of the times and have a place in the future development, so we must learn more because only we continue to go. Knowing that we can know that we are not enough, only then can we get continuous progress. Just like an automatic splitter, innovation won't be eliminated.

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