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      PCB circuit board industry laser marking machine solution

      Time: 2019-05-24 17:54:07

      PCB circuit board professional laser marking machine solution

          The circuit board (PCB) profession has a consistent cycle with the global economy. In the past two years, the occupation has been affected by the global economic and computer sales downturn, and the circuit board career has been at a low level. Since the first half of 2014, the global economy has returned to the boom. Upward trajectory, circuit board occupation also showed a rising trend. Following the announcement by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, China Telecom and China Unicom have started the FDD and TDD hybrid networking experiments. The large-scale construction of 4G base stations and the large-scale development of intelligent terminals will surely become Pulling the catalyst for the rapid development of circuit boards.

          PCB is one of the important components of the electronics industry. Industrial output accounts for about a quarter of the total output of electronic components. It is more important in various electronic component sub-sectors, and flexible PCB (ie, FPC) is added to the PCB profession. One of the fastest sub-professions. From the perspective of global trends, after large-scale restructuring, relocation and technology replacement, domestic PCB and FPC production and processing enterprises seized the opportunity of electronic products to be domestically transported, making domestic circuit board production The proportion of international shopping malls has further increased.

          With the development of the circuit board occupation, the inkjet printer plays an insignificant role in the production line. In order to avoid the counterfeiting of the same profession and the useful treatment of the regional sales, the manufacturer will use the high-tech anti-counterfeiting means to identify its own products. At this stage, companies in the industry use inkjet printers, and some problems continue to be highlighted: such as large consumption of supplies, high cost, demand for professional repair personnel, symbolic easy to erase changes, high pollution, etc. Our company has conducted in-depth investigations. The discovery of the above problems is mainly due to the fact that the widely used ink jet printers are not able to keep up with the pace of this profession, and the laser marking machine logo has been widely used in the profession with its common anti-counterfeiting effect. The well-known laser equipment manufacturer in China, the new laser solution launched by Creative Laser, can help companies quickly respond to changes in the mall.

          Circuit board laser marking machine

          With the emphasis on environmental protection, laser marking is more and more superior to traditional inkjet symbols. Laser symbols can process serial numbers and QR codes to record relevant production information and facilitate the traceability and quality of electronic products. Control. In the PCB profession, the use of laser symbols is showing a rapid increase.

          The traditional method of assigning PCB boards is to label Label labels or inkjet symbols. These methods have many disadvantages in the processing.

          Circuit board laser wiper

          The circuit board laser wiper is a new type of circuit board cleaning equipment developed by Genesis Laser, which replaces the traditional fiber rod wiper and eraser board machine. The laser wiper output laser, and then complete the line through the ultra-high speed scanning galvanometer system. The board cleaning function is mainly used for cleaning the external appearance of the U disk circuit board, the camera circuit board, the card reader circuit board, etc., so that the circuit board has a stronger conductive function, better touchability, better bonding effect, and the wiper speed is 10 times the speed of traditional manual wipes.

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