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      Common problems with label labeling machines

      Time: 2019-05-24 17:51:22

      The label labeling machine is affixed to the specified packaging container equipment according to the self-adhesive paper or aluminum foil label. The label labeling machine is an indispensable part of the modern packaging. Generally, the following are mainly used in the process of using the label labeling machine. A common problem: let me do a method for you.

          Bottle screw dislocation

          Use a wrench to loosen the fastening bolts, adjust the screw to a good position, tighten a bolt, click and observe the effect, and tighten the other bolts in place.

          2. Cylindrical star dislocation

          Loosen the bolts that fasten the star wheel, adjust to the position, and loosen the star wheel bottom bolt adjustment if necessary.

          3. The wheel hub is loosely marked.

          When loosening the fastening screw, loosen the finger at one time, push the proper position of the paper, and tighten the screw; when the whole finger is loose, loosen the bolt that fixes the clamping shaft, turn the center to the appropriate position, and put it in the inside. Position, tighten the bolts.

          4. The center clip is not marked.

          The hub is disconnected and replaced; the spring force is invalid and can be replaced.

          5. The sticker is skewed.

          Adjust the height of the box according to the position of the cardboard on the cardboard.

          6. The label paper is folded and uneven

          Adjust the film thickness of the rubber roller and adjust the position of the marking brush.

          7. Mark the angle of the label paper and flash

          The label plate is not uniform, adjust the position of the plate to make the plate even. Adjust the position of the marking brush.

          8. Standard version of residual paper

          The clamping index finger is loose, the position of the gap is adjusted, the adhesiveness is too large, and the glue temperature cannot be adjusted; the left side of the board causes the label paper to be lifted, and the position of the adjustment plate is adjusted.

          9. Pour the bottle on top of the stick.

          Check the height and low of the bottle head and adjust its position; check if the ball is missing in the cylinder head, causing the bottle to rotate unflexibly to replace it. Check the rear of the rotating hub in place behind the bottle at the end of the bottle. Adjust.

          10. At the top mark, the bottom corner and body mark are wrong.

          Adjust the hub with the handwheel to rotate and adjust it to the proper position; adjust the angle between the top and the body mark.

          More than ten kinds of common fault and resolution label labeling machines, if you want to know more information about barcode equipment, you are welcome to consult us through WeChat, website, telephone, etc. We will be happy to help you.

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