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      What are the characteristics of the fpc board machine?

      Time: 2019-05-24 17:51:32

      The FPC board has the following features:

      1. The design of the special round knife material ensures the smoothness of the PCB surface. The cutting stroke uses a five-step adjustment of touch control to quickly switch between different PCB sizes.

      2. Strengthen safety devices to avoid the hazards caused by human neglect.

      3, simple cutting distance adjustment: easy to adjust the cutting size of the contact button.

      4, the cutter wheel pressure adjustment: using the eccentric cam 0-2mm upper and lower impeller clearance adjustment.

      5, double panel support design, so that the double panel is more firmly cut.

      6, PC board and upper and lower knives are vertical shape of the tailgate design, effectively increased.

      7, cutting edge stability.

      8. Design the upper and lower guards to ensure the safe use of operators.

      Before upgrading, it mainly relies on increasing production capacity and increasing labor. With the continuous increase of labor costs, more and more home appliance companies are upgrading their technology to improve their equipment level and improve their automation. Through the efficiency of FPC, labor productivity is more than wage growth. Reduce the labor costs of business units. Home appliance companies are trying to reduce the impact of rising costs by increasing production efficiency. Robot replacement is the need to make automated retrofit upgrades. Product upgrades place higher demands on the production and upgrade of manufacturing automation. The automation solution addresses the need for improvement in areas such as high labor intensity, proficiency in special environments, and quality requirements.

      In the 21st century of the age of science and technology, we need to continue to learn. Only when we continue to learn, can we take a favorable position in the future development. Only when we have a detailed understanding of its characteristics and functions can we make better use of it. It creates value.

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