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      What should be done with the labeling machine often short?

      Time: 2019-05-24 17:53:46

      In the new sample debugging process, there will be a phenomenon of broken marks. The reasons are various. The following are some of the root causes and treatment methods of frequent damage on the site, just like the standard automatic positioning round bottle labeling machine.

      1, the problem of the label itself.

      The paper-cut at the bottom of the label is a cause of breakage. This problem has a very obvious phenomenon. The break is so neat. If you look closely, you can see that there are obvious paper-cut marks on the bottom of the label. As shown in the figure, this is Because the label is too heavy, you need to redo the label.

      The label's backing material can also cause the label to break. The standard label for the label will be used to select gelatin, and the backing paper relative to the coated paper will return because the strength of the backing paper is not sufficient to cause breakage marks.

      2, scaling problems.

      In addition to the label itself, the main object of the label is to focus on the strip.

      One of the most important reasons is that the strip is too sharp, and the stripping plates are made of sheet metal. The cutting of the main blades is very large. The main processing method is manual grinding, grinding at the edges, edges. In a smooth transition.

      There is also a broken mark on the edge of the blade, which is caused by the unevenness of the blade, which causes the label to not be evenly cut. The knife passing through the edge also causes the occurrence of the flaw.

      3, the tension mechanism problem.

      The tensioning mechanism in the header section is designed to ensure that the traction motor, uniformity and stability of the label can be relatively separated from the peeling plate. The purpose of the label is to maintain a certain amount of tension. When too much, the label will be damaged. But by reducing the pressure of the piece, extend to solve the brake lever.

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